About Us

The company TERMOGEN-INŽENJERING DOO is, in business terms, the legal successor of the craft shop “Termogen” which was founded in 1990. Its founder, Slobodan Milunovic, with his small, but chosen team that employed three workers in those years, founded the way for the development of the current company.

In the present form, the company has been operating since 2006 and employs 20 workers. The main activity is the design, installation and maintenance of central heating, air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, as well as stable fire extinguishing systems (sprinkler systems). We carried out works on residential and commercial buildings in Belgrade, Kraljevo, Cacak, Kragujevac, and Novi Pazar, and we can boast that 21 years of experience and a number of successfully implemented installations in the domestic market is our biggest recommendation.

Thanks to the team of successful experts, as well as the exceptional relationship with our suppliers, each of the facilities we were carrying out works was handed over and put into operation within the agreed time, and the maintenance of the same, and beyond the warranty period, is our moral obligation.